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Reading and Writing

  • Age: 6-10 years 

  • Requirements: Basic listening and speaking skills, foundation in phonics, reading and writing

  • Class size: 6-10 students per class

  • Duration per class: 1.5 hours

  • No. of lessons per week: 2 

  • Duration per program: 5 months


Course Features


Reading and writing are two skills that evolve together as learners grow. Reading more fiction and non-fiction develops vocabulary and gives learners ideas to use in their own writing. Writing allows learners to be creative and challenges them to inquire about grammar that better expresses what they want to convey. The ABC Reading and Writing programme helps learners to develop their skills in both areas through the use of interactive materials and allows them to develop their creativity as their writing potential.


Learning Objectives


  • Discover new vocabulary and grammar through interesting story books and various writing topics

  • Check comprehension through group and partner discussion

  • Mind map ideas independently and interactively

  • Show off creativity through guided and free writing practice

  • Tackle advanced grammar and learn self-evaluation through both peer and self-review

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