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Playgroup (English & Mandarin)

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  • Appropriate age: 1 – 3.3 years old

  • Class size: 4-8 students per class (based on age range)

  • Duration per class:
    2 hour (included 30 mins playground time)

  • No. of lessons per week: 2 / 3

  • Timings: Tues -Fri/ 9.30 am - 11.30 am


Course Objectives


ABC Playgroup is designed to help young learners as they prepare for their journey into kindergarten. Each lesson is centered on the idea that English-immersion and structured group play helps to build well-rounded and confident learners. At this early stage of development, children are ready to take in not only a wide range of vocabulary but also good habits and social values. They have interested and imaginative minds that will respond to fun and happy learning!


In Playgroup, students will…


  • be encouraged to speak up and communicate using English

  • develop and use a wide range of everyday and thematic vocabulary

  • engage with both the teacher and other students in English, using phrases and sentences when ready

  • learn social skills and etiquette like sharing toys and using phrases like, “May I…?” and “Thank you.”

  • strengthen their confidence and behavior for new experiences like school admission interviews


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Course Activities


While the learners are having fun, they are actually engaging in many activities that are designed to strengthen different skills. Each part of the lesson has a multi-sensory activity that will work on an essential part of their development. Here are some examples:


• Arts and Crafts: Here learners work on fine motor skills like gluing, ripping, coloring, painting and other activities, which they will eventually do independently. Learners also get to show their creativity and use foundation words, for example colours


• Interactive and Guided Play: Games and toys promote speaking and listening skills as well as social skills like sharing and asking for help. Moving around the room lets learners work on gross motor skills and self-awareness in a group


• Songs: Building vocabulary is fun and easy with music. Common songs will build learners confidence and songs based on themes help them to remember new words


• Storytelling and Role-playing: Stories can take us to the far corners of the Earth and introduce children to a wide variety of the topics they wouldn’t normally experience. Uncommon weather like snow or exotic animals become more real for learners when they use their imagination 

Monthly Themes


Besides everyday language, ABC Playgroup students will become immersed in various themes in order to build their vocabulary. They will encounter some words and themes they are familiar with and some that they will learn for the first time. By using the themes in all areas of the curriculum, students are absorbing information through experience and play instead of teacher centered learning.


Themes include the following categories:


• Seasons and Weather: These themes provide situations both new and foreign to learners. They can start to understand new concepts like “snow” or things they can’t see like “hot” or “wind”. This is also a fun time to talk about actions and clothing


• Animals and Marine Life: This is a great chance for children to start showing preferences such as favorite animals and work on gross motor skills through role play. Each group of animals takes children into a different world.


• Habits and lifestyles: Children are more excited to express themselves when it’s a topic that they know. Things like playing with toys, going to school, and other daily occurrences will be the first things children want to talk about to family and friends. 

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