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Appropriate age: 18 months
(by 1st September of the enrollment year)

Appropriate age: 2 years old

(by 1st September of the enrollment year)


The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum focuses on physical and emotional development as young children prepare to enter their first school-age years. Students will learn through play and discovery whilst being immersed in an English speaking environment. Through activities like singing, games and arts & crafts learners will also begin to build vocabulary and social skills.


Course / Learning Objectives

  • Interacting with others through play to establish social skills

  • Developing gross motor skills through movement exercises

  • Building vocabulary naturally through discovery

  • Beginning development of fine motor skills through arts and crafts

  • Becoming accustomed to a classroom setting and begin journey as life-long learners



Course Themes

The themes are chosen and presented in a way that will encourage students to learn through discovery and inquiry.         


  • Ourselves

  • Rainbow

  • Shapes

  • Animals

  • Transport

  • Plants

  • Space

  • Senses

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