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  • Kindergarten programme:
    3-6 years (Cambridge YLE Test : Starters level)

  • Primary programme:
    6-10 years (Cambridge YLE Tests : Movers & Flyers levels)

  • Class size: 6-10 students 

  • Duration per class: 1.5 hours

  • No. of lessons per week:

  • Duration per program: 5 months

Course Features


ABC Cambridge courses help learners develop the four main skills of English: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Learners will focus on vocabulary building, reading comprehension and grammar skills while developing teamwork and social skills through group and partner activities.


Learners are assessed by education professionals and are placed by ability and not age, whilst being given topportunity to promote at their own pace. This ensures that learners are building confidence by interacting in English at their own level but are constantly being positively challenged by topics that are of interest to them.

The curriculum ranges from kindergarten to primary levels, and is based on the internationally recognized English standard of Cambridge Young Learners English Tests (YLE).


Students that complete any one of ABC’s 5-month Enrichment Programmes will be able to sit for an appropriate Cambridge YLE Test with no extra payment (the cost of the test is included in the course fee). In order to sit for the test, the candidate must be able to display the required skills based on an end of course assessment.

ABC Cambridge


Learning objectives and outcomes:


  • Develop the four main skill areas of English while building learner confidence in using English

  • Structured play-based activities are utilized to make learning fun, as well as training students in team work, cooperative social skills and how to become independent learners

  • No homework - All exercises are done during class-time

  • No internal tests or exams - Assessments are conducted without pressure

  • No drilling - Vocabulary and grammar are absorbed through fun and interactive activities and exercises

  • Students are encouraged to sit for appropriate YLE exams. Around 90% of our learners receive outstanding marks


Course Materials


These courses use the internationally acclaimed Cambridge University Press (CUP) ELT (English Language Teaching) course books. Units are based on a theme-based vocabulary list and one or more areas of grammar. Each book introduces learners to fun and interesting characters that they will get to know and enjoy learning with whilst developing other skills like writing, matching, categorizing and more.

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