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Read4Fun (Phonics)

  • Age: 3.5-6 years

  • Requirements: Basic listening and speaking skills, good concentration

  • Class size: 6-10 students per class

  • Duration per class: 1 hour

  • No. of lessons per week:

  • Duration per program: 4-5 months


Course Features


Read4Fun is a synthetic phonics program that teaches young learners the skills needed to read and write from an early age. Teachers use interactive materials to build students’ confidence in pronouncing and spelling new words in an all-English environment. Students will also be introduced to simple grammar and build an understanding of sentence structure through stories and exercises like short-sentence dictation.


Learning Objectives


Starting from 3.5 years old, learners will…


  • Learn synthetic phonics sounds that serve as a foundation for all reading and writing

  • Review and build new vocabulary through discovery

  • By age 4-5, read and spell simple words independently

  • By age 5-6, read short paragraphs and write simple sentences

  • By age 6-7, read stories independently and write short paragraphs

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