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Student Goals & Acievement

From their very first class at ABC Pathways, children are immersed in a happy learning environment that focuses on fun and achievement, eliminating pressure and failure. This builds confidence and self-esteem from a young age that gets students to enjoy school and learning. Throughout the years ABC has proved that a fun learning environment creates happy learners who produce amazing results.


Through the use of Cambridge University Press ELT resources and ABC Pathways’ own specially developed materials, learners are able to acquire the four main English language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing from an early age.


We continually set goals for ourselves and our students alike and are constantly impressed by the results:


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To prepare learners to enter top local and international primary schools:
Students have high English standards, are confident and independent, and prepared to fulfill expectations of top schools.


To enable proficiency in reading and writing:
More than 90% of ABC students receive outstanding marks on Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE) Tests.


To create future leaders:
ABC sees students as “lifelong learners”. Early education is not about achieving good grades and doing well in a single project. It is about children becoming well-rounded individuals who are happy, confident and ready to become our future leaders.

Parent Expectation

ABC Pathways understands that parents are passionate about their children’s education. A parent should expect quality teaching, a fun and safe environment, and a school that will actively keep them updated on their child’s development, all of which ABC Pathways provides. Children deserve a happy learning experience, and ABC Pathways acts as a dedicated partner to parents as both parties work to achieve this goal.


ABC Pathways is a place where children learn and grow. Parents know that a well-rounded education is best for their child, and that includes play time and other physical activities. Through play, children learn and remember more and are able to enhance gross motor skills and development of their fast-growing muscles. Social skills, health and hygiene, and general self-awareness are important aspects of life that can be learned every day through the medium of play.


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The ABC Pathways campus is a safe haven for children and is set up to be conducive to learning. Staff and teachers are aware of what is going on socially amongst students. They are dedicated to promoting a positive environment free of teasing, fighting, and other forms of physical or emotional stress.


The staff of ABC Pathways pledge their maximum enthusiasm and positivity to parents and children alike, promoting learning as an enjoyable and exciting adventure.

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