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K1 Curriculum

Appropriate Age

3 years old (by 1st September of the enrollment year)


The K1 curriculum focuses on learners' physical development and learning through actions. The main consensus for all non-academic work during class time is for learners to listen, repeat and act out new vocabulary to develop their comprehension of English. All of the themes and weekly vocabulary lists are taught through storybook time, role-play, songs with actions and art & crafts activities.


Course/Learning Objectives


  • Using 5 senses and dramatic acting in the role of each theme

  • Doing active, full-body movements to enhance gross motor skills

  • Understanding basic instructions: Listen to teacher and respond by acting out or showing something that the teacher has asked for

  • Allowing learners to spontaneously develop their speaking skills and to read simple words

  • Introduction to our synthetic Phonics Course Read4Fun. Teaching the children to learn letter sounds and blending of letters. Preparing children for reading and writing

  • Getting to know the basic mathematical concept through counting, singing & painting

  • Learning through enquiry, scientific experiments, critical thinking

  • Language Arts: Thai and Mandarin


Course Themes


The content of each month's activities and information will be based on engaging themes that are relevant and familiar to learners at this level.


  • Greetings

  • All about me

  • The World

  • Water and Deserts

  • Jungles, Forests and Animals

  • Space and The Planets

  • Mother Earth


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