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Philosophy and Mission

Our mission is to provide learners with a complete and enjoyable educational experience that is interactive, imaginative and fun, whilst focusing on real results by providing quality teaching and materials that target each stage of child development. ABC's philosophy for education is based on the A.C.T.I.V.E. learning principles:

Achievement - Achievement is strongly linked to positive outcomes for learners, promoting self-esteem and creating good moral values via a positive learning experience


Cognition - Learning is most effective through play, discussion and problem solving and children process memory better through active cognition


Thought - Critical thinking from an early age encourages learners to question and become interested in the world around them

Inquiry - An inquisitive learner is one that asks many questions and wants to find out new information through investigation making them open to new academic challenges


Vibrancy - Learners can reach their full potential in a fun and safe classroom environment which is of full of vibrant energy and life


Engagement - Multi-sensory learning helps children of all learning styles to focus their attention and retain information through engaging activities

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