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K2/K3 Curriculum

Appropriate Age


4 years old (by 1st September of the enrollment year) (K2)

5 years old (by 1st September of the enrollment year) (K3)


The K2/K3 curriculum focuses on learners cognitive and language development and will revolve around the students forming their own opinions and inquiry methods to subjects that we propose. At this level children are beginning to develop their thought process and starting to form some logical thoughts, as well as broadening their vocabulary. We use a range of different mediums to deliver our curriculum including flashcards, interactive displays, mascots, models and tailor made worksheets designed in-house.


Course/Learning Objectives


  • Enhancing fine motor skills through art & craft, cutting, pasting, and drawing

  • Acquiring grammar knowledge which learners can easily associate with actions

  • Developing speaking skills as a primary form of expression

  • Reading simple sentences and write basic words using the Read4Fun synthetic phonics program

  • Learning mathematical vocabulary and concepts through hands-on experience, games and problem solving


Course Themes


The content of each month's activities and information will be based on engaging themes that are relevant and familiar to learners at this level.


  • Environmental Awareness: weather, seasons, climates, etc.

  • Behavior and Emotional Expression: caring for others, personal preferences, making friends, etc.

  • Mathematical Focus: measurement, spatial relationships, critical thinking, and problem solving, etc.

  • Physical Development: involves balance, gross motor skills, fine motor skills etc.

  • Creativity: through show & tell, drama, drawing, painting, etc.

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