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  • Age: 2-3 years (playgroup)

  • 4-8 years old (group or 1:1 classes)

  • Requirements: None 

  • Class size: 4-8 students per class

  • Duration per class: 1 - 2 hours (depending on class)

  • No. of lessons per week: Varies 

  • Duration per program: Varies

  • Private Classes Available?: Yes

Course Features


Mandarin at ABC Pathways International Kindergarten aims to help young learners master the basic Chinese language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will build a broad Chinese vocabulary, learn practical communication skills, strengthen reading comprehension, and write Chinese characters. With a focus on partner work, young learners will also improve their sense of cooperation and social skills.


Learners will build an awareness of China as a country, learn about Chinese culture, and explore daily life in China.


Learning Objectives 


  • Build Chinese vocabulary: Such as 水果(fruits),颜色(colors), 形状(shapes)

  • Speak common Chinese phrases used in daily life: Such as 你好!(Hello!),  我叫刘思思。(My name is Liu Sisi.), 你去哪儿?(Where are you going?)

  • Learn how to pronounce Chinese words and sentences accurately

  • Read and write basic Chinese characters

  • Explore Chinese Culture and lifestyle through games and drama

on Thrursday!
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