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ABC Pathways Birthday Club



What is the ABC Pathways Birthday Club?

The Birthday Club is a free monthly event for children who wish to celebrate their birthdays at ABC Pathways International Kindergarten. The party includes: 


- Full use of our facilities for both children & parents

- ABC Pathways teacher supervision

- Games, Science Experiments, crafts, and more!


Each month, the registered children with Birthdays in that month will be invited to join the party. They will can invite friends (4+) to join the fun! The limit for each event is 25 students.



Who can join the Birthday Club?

Anyone can join! Simply sign up for the ABC Pathways Birthday club and your child will be invited to our Birthday Club event on the month of his or her birthday.



How much does the Birthday Club membership cost? 

0฿. Becoming a member is free. The party is free and the children you invite can also join for free!



Sounds Amazing – How can I sign up?

Easy – Simply click here and register! We will send you a confirmation email shortly after.



I wish to have a private party for my child. What can I do?

We offer very competitive rates for private parties. Please call our reception at 02-260-6888 or email and we would be happy to talk with you. 



I have more questions about the Birthday Club.

Not a problem, we would be happy to chat with you! Please call our reception at 02-260-6888 or email




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